Before you can join us, or any other Archery GB affiliated club, you will need have successfully completed a recognised beginners' course.

    Avalon Archery Club arranges  Beginners' Courses subject to demand and the availability of a Coach. Courses consist of at least 4 sessions, about 90 minutes each over consecutive weeks at the Strode College Sports Centre in Street.  The Courses are held indoors during the winter months and outdoors during the summer.  The cost of the Beginners Cost is in the region of £50 and is payable in advance at the start of the first week. For details of When and Where we shoot click 'here' .  

    We will accept Juniors from the age of nine.  For children aged 9 to 15 years a parent/guardian or responsible adult designated by the parent/guardian must be present at all sessions.  Seniors and juniors are taught together.

    All necessary equipment for this course is provided by the club.  

    The next Beginners course will be arranged once there have been sufficient expression of interest and when we have a Coach available.  If you are interested in signing up for a Beginners course please click 'here' to contact the Club.

    The key aims of the Beginners course are:-

    • to get you shooting as quickly as possible
    • to have plenty of practice, and
    • to ensure you understand the elements of shooting both safely and accurately.

    Over the Beginners Course your tuition will cover:-

    • Learning about archery equipment, bows, arrows, arm-guards, etc.
    • Learning the safety rules for archery.
    • Learning the etiquette of archery.
    • Introduction to shooting bare-bow, shooting over a short distance.
    • Learning the principles of aiming.
    • Learning how to score.
    • Progressing to shoot at a longer distance – up to 20 yards indoors.
    • Individual coaching.
    • Shooting using a sight.
    • Choosing and maintaining equipment.

    Having successfully complting the Course, and assuming you wish to take Archery further, you will be invited to join the club and join the shooting line with the rest of the Club members.  The Coaches and Club members are happy to share their experience and provide advice and support.  We would strongly recommend getting advice from a coach or experienced member before buying any equipment.  After completing the Beginners course and joining the Club we allow a short period (usually no more than three months) when you can use our limited club equipment (for a nominal fee of £2 per session) after which you will be expected to purchase and use your own equipment.